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Dance Classes

FALL(19 weeks)

August 12,2024-January 12th,2025

Fall Enrollments starts on April 1.2024

SPRING(19 weeks)

January 13-Jun 1,2025

Spring Enrollments starts on Nov 1.2025

Enrollment continues for available classes after the start of each session.

Top Class

TVDA Comb Class

Ballet Technique

Folkloric Dance


Lyrical, Jazz, Acrobatics

Hip-Hop Class

Dance Technique

Technique focuses on flexibility, balance, tumbling, strength, and muscle control. The tricks learned in this class can be implemented into routines.


Focuses on proper Ballet technique,

strength, flexibility, and body alignment. Additional attention is given to musicality, movement quality, and precise lines.



Our adult program provides both an educational foundation to a beginning dancer, as well as, opportunities for seasoned dancers to continue training in all styles of dance.

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