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Tri-Valley Dance Academy 

 At Tri-Valley Dance Academy, we provide our students with exposure to a variety of dance styles, allowing them to have increased creative ability, cognitive development, musicality, dexterity, and self-confidence.
  Our classes are a combination of ballet technique, folkloric dance, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, and acrobatics. Each of these genres allow our students to develop different skillsets, helping them in their dance education. Read below to learn more about what each of our classes entail: 

Technique focuses on flexibility, balance, tumbling, strength, and muscle control. The tricks learned in this class can be implemented into routines.


Focuses on proper Ballet technique,

strength, flexibility, and body alignment. Additional attention is given to musicality, movement quality, and precise lines.

Styles of Dance
Lyrical and contemporary are fluid styles of dance done to popular ballads and slower modern music. Folkoric takes inspiration from traditional Chinese dance while Hip-hop focuses on sharp and powerful movements.
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