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Competition Team

Tri-Valley Dance Academy 

   Tri-Valley Dance Academy is home to the TVDA Competition Team which receives the highest level of dance training in the Tri Valley area which emphasizes its quality and creativity! 

  Success is taught through respect for self and others as the performance group works as a team while creating life long memories.  

The curriculum consists of Chinese Dance, lyrical, Ballet,modern, hip hop and various performance classes. The program is available not only to those with experience, but also those with potential and a passion to excel in dance.  Placement is based on ability – not age. 

Quality not quantity is the focus at Tri-Valley Dance Academy.


  • First, students will be required to train in our regular classes.

  • After training, students will have the opportunity to join our competition team through an audition that places them in the level most suited for the student

    • Auditions will be held during spring of each year

Intermediate Team

  The intermediate level is where our intermediate competition team members focus on building up the dancer’s confidence through performing opportunities, while focusing on dance technique. Dancers will participate in dance class two times a week 4-5 hours minimum. Dancers explore their style of interest and develop a life-long passion for dance.

Advanced Team

  Our advanced competition level is where the dancer wants a more serious commitment to their training and their team. The dancer will participate in dance class three times a week 6-7 hours minimum. The added time layers on more meticulous technique and more complex skills. Dancers can choose to have a solo or be part of a duet/trio. Dedication is very important. 

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