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Dear YND Families

Thanks to your continuous support, our studio has grown greatly in number. As a result, we have recently changed our name from YAO NA DANCE STUDIO to TRI-VALLEY DANCE ACADEMY. Although we have undergone a name change, our curriculum, methodology, and staff will still remain the same as before. Thank you again for all of your support!

Welcome to Tri-Valley Dance Academy 

 At Tri-Valley Dance Academy We offer high quality dance training with top noch dance professionals. It is our mission to help your children reach their full potential and we hope for every dancer to learn confidence, determination, creativity and passion. At TVDA we care for each student and create a positive environment where they can learn quality dance technique and achieve growth.

- Tri-Valley Dance Academy, Formerly Yao Na Dance, Dance School in Dublin

- Dance school in Dublin - Dance School - Ballet - Chinese Dance

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